Hold onto God’s word; let it take root

Almost a year ago, during Kim Blyth’s testimony, God told me that He wanted to be a part of my work. Then I had a difficult time at work (many clients reduced their budgets or projects because of COVID). This took me by surprise because of what God had said to me previously.

It felt like these words were my last hope, and if I let them go, everything around me would collapse.  And I made the decision to believe what God had said to me was true. It was a choice I had to make even though at that moment I did not have a lot of faith.  At first, I was scared as before, and nothing changed around me.

All the worries, problems and experiences remained and did not go away, but I clung very strongly to this word – like a mother with a baby (because it was my decision to believe this word).

Then, after a while, when there was a question in my work that I didn’t know how to solve, I suddenly thought, “But God said He was part of my job, what should I be afraid of?” After this thought, I breathed more freely and I realized that fear had left my heart. I realized that this word worked, that God didn’t just tell me that He wanted to be a part of my work, but He really wanted to be.

Then I clung to the word even harder. I woke up with this word, went to bed with it. I confessed it aloud and thought about it constantly in my head. I bored my brothers with these words every time I talked to them. I told God that I also wanted Him to be a part of my work. I fixed my eyes on this word. After a while (many months later), I stopped thinking about this word because I spent so much time with it that it grew in me and I didn’t need to think about it anymore.

I no longer just thought that God wanted to be a part of my work, I began to realise that He is not just a part, but He is the basis of my work. This statement was so ingrained in my heart that I really began to consider God as an employee of our company! In seven or eight months, just the words that God wants to be a part of my work have become a reality in my life, have become a natural part of my existence.

During this time (since February), our company has received several interesting projects that are difficult to even dream of during the pandemic. One of them, in September, was the largest project in 10 years! Now, while terrible things are happening all around us, we are looking for new employees for our company, because we plan to move forward and develop. Believe me, when you agree and respond to God’s call, you will no longer be able to be where you were before. I know now that whatever happens in the world, nothing will happen to my work that I should worry about, because God said he wanted to be a part of my work and I let him do it. I agreed to it, I accepted this, I made it the basis of my work. Even if our company suddenly closes, it will also be a joy for me, because I know it will be God’s plan, because He is part of that work. My concern now is not to act like I used to with regards to work (knowing that God already has it in hand), but to look for the face of God, his will for me… .

After hearing God’s word to us it’s easy to allow it to dissolve (I certainly find it so). We can just let it disappear in the fog of life, or we allow it to fly past us, only focusing on it for a day, for two… .. We get the word, rejoice in it, share it, and in the morning we wake up, see everything that is happening around, and once again become enveloped in our worries and affairs. We concentrate on different things and we forget about the word. It remains unfulfilled for us, we lose it. But not this time.

Since I heard this word from God I realized one very important thing – if God says something to us (no matter how, maybe we just read the word in the bible) it does not mean that this word will be automatically fulfilled in our life. This means that we must seize the word as quickly and as firmly as possible and keep it using all our strength. Wrap your arms, legs around it, grip it with your teeth and don’t let go of it until it takes root in your heart (it will definitely happen). Somehow, your life depends on how firmly you keep this word. In the beginning, you may not see the result you expect, but instead, you see the opposite. Be patient, do not despair, do not give up and do not let go of the word. Nothing bad has happened. The word has not expired. Tt just takes time for the word to take root, because every seed needs time to grow roots. And while the seed is rooting, there are rains, winds and frosts. But when the seed takes root, neither rain nor wind can move it, because the roots hold strong.

So I want to encourage you – If you hear (or see) a word from God, catch it immediately: grab it, hold on to it, hold it tight, don’t let it slip, don’t let it go in spite of everything. Let it take root until you feel that it has become a part of you. It has become natural for you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes – a second, a minute, an hour, a month, a year, five years…. Just hold onto the word and don’t let it go for a moment. Anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances… Hold it firmly.