Kingdom Finance

Jesus talked more about money than about anything else. Why? How do we handle money correctly? Money shows on the outside what’s happening on the inside. It all starts with the heart…

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The principles of this world are very different from the Kingdom. The world is concerned with accruing wealth, while the Bible speaks more of being a channel. How to start out handling money correctly? It all begins with our heart.
Money can influence behaviour. It has fuelled murder and started wars. It has a spiritual dimension and can cause us to serve in both the right and the wrong direction. But there is a real advance that can be achieved when harnessed for the Kingdom.
Could it be that the root behind greed and poverty is the same? Everything belongs to Jesus – including our money and attitude is far more important than amounts we give.
What financial season are you in? How should pastors be financially supported? Why we shouldn’t do things on the cheap and how to live by faith and within a budget.
Do you invest in people before plant? How to partner with ministries in poor nations and confront the corrupted systems of the world.