Our teachings

We firmly believe in being ‘doers’ of the word—simply hearing isn’t enough. So, in all our teaching, you’ll hear the thread of application. What is God’s word to us now? What needs to change in us as a result?

Sunday Teachings

Missed a Sunday? Or listening from afar? Catch up here. Our Sunday teaching sometimes follows a theme, a book or explores the ‘now’ word of God to us as a community. Feel free to explore and use our online library of resources.
Accelerate 2024 was a conference, but more importantly a time of refreshing, impartation and equipping in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We saw God heal people, lives set free and people being born again into the Kingdom of God! The keynote speaker, Jack Little, is one of the founding fathers of the Vineyard movement. He uses a multitude of stories of times God has used him in healing and other gifts of the spirit to illustrate the points he is making

Kings Series

A series on the books of Kings that includes teaching that explores what God is saying to us today through these biblical stories and events, along with periodic ‘deep dive’ discursive reflections on particular questions that arise as we go through the books. The teaching and reflections will be released periodically – sometimes weekly, frequently on an ad-hoc basis!

Evolution Revolution

LifeLine Church is undergoing a transition. 2023 is a critical stage for those who have grown up in LifeLine or joined along the journey to bring their unique contribution to the table because those who have led us for the past 40 years won’t be leading for the next 40. As we continue the journey we need to know what we need to carry with us, what can be left behind, and what needs to be developed...

Kingdom Finance

Jesus talked more about money than about anything else. Why? How do we handle money correctly? Money shows on the outside what’s happening on the inside. It all starts with the heart…

Kingdom Relationships

Relationship has been central to our journey as a church for well over 40 years. What does real friendship look like? What does it mean to be my brother’s keeper? How do I handle conflict? How do I maintain and develop relationships? How do I handle rejection and come to a place of acceptance? Relationship is core to the character and nature of God…