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We are packaging and releasing much of the wealth that God has given us to share with others. This takes various forms: courses, books, films and projects to name a few.

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Selah: Hope

Selah: Hope

Hope is a word we often throw around unsparingly. It’s no surprise that the power of hope has been diluted to simply mean the belief that something we want can be had. We believe that hope means so much more than this. In this artbook a group of gifted artists from LifeLine Church pondered: what does hope mean?

Visit the virtual gallery or download the artbook to see the outcome of their reflections.

Peaced Together

A creative arts course for people who have experienced brokenness. Learning to see beauty in every broken thing, it is suitable for women from all walks of life but is of particular benefit for those who have known isolation, depression, abuse and loss.

Creative English

An innovative programme to help people with very little English to gain confidence and acquire everyday language skills. Using drama and role play, this national franchise has seen over 12,000 people laugh their way to confident English. Churches can get fully trained and equipped to help in their local ministry.

Mental Health for Churches

We have considerable experience of walking with people who have struggled with their mental health. We have produced a guide and can provide training in your church.

Hot Topics

There are many emotive and divisive issues within our society. How do we make sure we aren’t tossed about by the waves of opinions, fads and fears? These sessions looked at the social context and Biblical principles to enable us to navigate and respond confidently. View the live teaching, slides and discussion pointers.

Conviction interviews

Every believer is called to be salt and light but sometimes there is a grace of God to challenge a prevailing situation and to be an agent of change – to see an end to an injustice for example or to restore relationships that are broken.

Acorns to Oaks

We believe our youngest children can also meet with God and learn to hear his voice. In this series of eight video blogs and accompanying material, we look at key principles and practical topics. Delivered by weekly email so you can watch and study in your own time.


We’re well aware of the issues and needs that are unique to faith-based organisations, having worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across England through our national network of Faith-based organisations, FaithAction. We’ve also seen that most of the guidance and training fails to address them.

Our books

Responding to God’s word to us a few years ago, we’re learning to record our journey in writing, film and audio formats. Here are a few resources we’ve written that we hope will help you.