An invitation

We’ve been making a concerted effort to open up ways for everyone to contribute across the spectrum of what we do as a church.

A number of changes are taking place (keep an eye on the bulletin for updates) and though we still have a long way to go, we are encouraged by the progress so far.

In terms of teaching, we don’t want Sunday mornings to be restricted to a select few, but instead are seeking to create an environment where whoever has something from God, is able to bring it, whether it’s a short snippet or the full works.

We are therefore going to start regularly sharing a menu of topics which are stirring among the leadership (in case that triggers something, or aligns with things you have been mulling over), along with an invitation to make contact if you have something you feel is relevant to contribute.

Current Menu of Sunday morning teaching topics

  1. Unpacking the message we heard between July and Dec ‘21
    1. Jesus stands at your door because He wants you to catch a glimpse of Him which will cause Him to become your motivation and power for transformation
    2. Loving God and loving each other
    3. Covenant renewal (to God, to each other, to the vision)
  2. Unblocking the wells
    1. Sending 
      1. definition
      2. biblical basis
      3. examples
        1. overseas
        2. across the country
        3. to work/sector
    2. Corporate worship
      1. What is corporate worship?
      2. Extended Worship time
    3. Bernard Saunders – secondary illumination 
    4. Stress/anxiety
    5. Integration
  3. Enjoying God
  4. Celebration
  5. Outward looking
    1. Outreach
    2. Integration

What should I do if I have something to contribute?

We always want people to share from a place of conviction, so if you feel God has given you something (it could be a phrase, an illustration or example, or secondary illumination), don’t be put off if it isn’t a full teaching. We may well be able to combine it/you with someone else, or build round it.

If you have something (however small it seems), please contact either Jamie or John in the first instance – you can either email or call.

They will work with you, offering preparation support to help shape the message and its delivery – or partner in the delivery to build confidence.