Conviction interviews

Every believer is called to be salt and light but sometimes there is a grace of God to challenge a prevailing situation and to be an agent of change – to see an end to an injustice for example or to restore relationships that are broken.

In the LifeLine Community, we have always sought to support our people in their frontline ministry. And by frontline ministry, we’re talking about their day to day role as carers, teachers, parents, business owners — in fact, wherever they are called to make a difference.

We nurture and support people who carry a conviction to bring about positive change.

We hope you are encouraged by this series of interviews. It’s a flavour of who we are.

Phil Paisley

Conviction: Engineering projects

Lucy November

Conviction: Maternal deaths in Sierra Leone

Brandon Thesee

Conviction: Youth knife crime

Mark Baiden

Conviction: Local business economy

Serena McKernan

Conviction: Social care

Robert Caldera

Conviction: Handling incidents

Dr. Anne Smith

Conviction: Education

Penny Amott

Conviction: Teaching literacy