A New Revelation – Anthony

This week, a paramedic crewing the ambulance with me asked me about my church. I told her how this community has supported me and my family for many years – how we have good friends, and strong links that have seen us through good times and bad. I went on to reflect about our values as a community, and how these matter more than the style of worship or types of meetings we hold. They are relevant in every situation – especially work.


For me, renewing the covenant is a commitment to this special church community; people that I’ve journeyed through life with for many years now. But that will be a struggle and a failure if I haven’t got fresh faith and love from Jesus himself.  I’ve noticed that time has a tendency to make people jaded, to lose the passion.


So I am seeking a personal renewal at this time. I can’t rely on the anointing of the past. I need a new revelation. A fresh touch from the king. I am seeing that it increases my love for God’s people and His world. I am embracing it, reaching out to serve and show love to others in a way that has been lacking – this is what the covenant renewal means to me.