Meeting God at the weekend away – Trevor

Before the weekend away, I felt like I was pretty distant from people, and didn’t bother me as much as it should have, which was a bad thing because I was missing out on fellowship and opportunities and stuff. So later on I think it was Martim that texted me, “Are you coming to the weekend away?” and instantly I felt that, “oh that’s a lot of time to be out, I’d rather just stay alone at home, and just watch something.”  Then I felt God saying to me, “No, you should try this,” so I did, and then I ended up going to the weekend away.

The first day passed and now it’s the second night and throughout that time, I felt God showing me things that I’ve never experienced and they were good and really felt good, and I wanted more of that. It was late night prayer and I went up to start praying, and while I was praying Owen just put his hand on my shoulder and we started praying together. We were praying for a little bit and I just felt a gush of emotions was coming in and God just started showing me the effects of how distant I’d been to people, and then started showing me about how like my mum would feel cos I wasn’t really showing her the love that I was before cos I was just alone in my own space. It just gave me a hunger and a need to talk to people and get more confident with friendships and stuff so I started going to more gatherings like Youth and church and everything and started talking to my mum more.